Timecards & Expense Reports

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Timecards & Expense Reports


Timecard Submittal Instructions

  • To submit a Timecard on-line - Login.    Under current projects, click on the link "Create Timecard" next to the appropriate project.
    • Complete timecard and click, Submit to Manager for approval

Expense Report Submittal Instructions

  • To submit an Expense Report - simply download, complete and fax the approved <Expense Report> to TalentWave at (650) 378-4157.   Approved Expense Report must include, authorizing manager's name, signature, phone and cost center number on each Expense Report.   You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.   It is available free from Adobe.

  • Both the Payroll worker and the Manager must sign each Expense Report.

  • Once completed and approved, fax Expense Report and copies of receipts or back up documentation to TalentWave at (650) 378-4157, no later than Monday 5:00pm PT.

NOTE:   To ensure payment is not delayed, you must complete each Timecard and Expense Report in its entirety.

If you have any questions please contact TalentWave at (888) 426-6937.

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