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Welcome to TalentWave

As an TalentWave Payrolled Professional you will enjoy unique services and comprehensive benefits which reflect your professional status. By eliminating administrative distractions, TalentWave will assist you in furthering your success. TalentWave is your employer of record and will help you to manage your compensation, health benefits, retirement plans, and tax filings. Our professional payroll management services are specially tailored to meet the needs of our highly skilled contractors.

Today, TalentWave provides professional payrolling and benefit administration services to hundreds of contract workers nationwide.


To enroll, simply download the registration packet and fax the completed forms to TalentWave at (650) 378-4157.

Download Individual Forms

Expense Report
Employment Application
Non Disclosure Agreement

Code of Ethics
Background Release
Life Insurance Application
Direct Deposit
Benefits Waiver
I-9 Tax Form
W-4 Tax Form

For more information contact TalentWave 1-888-ICON-YES.

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