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Benefit Options

TalentWave has designed a comprehensive benefits package which is geared towards the professional and which is available to our network of Payrolled Contractors. With less than a month’s waiting period before the benefits take effect, TalentWave’s package of benefits is affordable and quickly attainable.

Medical Coverage
Health Insurance is available nationwide through a PPO and an HMO (HMO available for California residents only) with an extensive network of physicians. Monthly premiums qualify for pre-tax deductions from wages under Section 125, resulting in substantial savings. In addition, TalentWave contributes 50% of the premium for individuals who work an average 30 hours or greater per week.

Life Insurance
TalentWave provides life insurance coverage for all Payrolled Contractors at TalentWave’s expense, without cost to the contractor for the duration of their employment with TalentWave.

Dental Coverage
Two dental plans are available for Payrolled Contractors to choose from.

Cafeteria 125 Plan
Under this plan, Payrolled Contractors may have their health insurance premiums and dependent care expenses deducted from their gross pay before taxes are withheld. This benefit allows individuals to realize substantial savings each year.

401(k) Plan
TalentWave offers retirement planning through our 401(k) plan. There is no waiting period for participation and Payrolled Contractors may contribute up to 15% of their earnings, via a payroll deduction plan. Payrolled Contractors can access and manage their plans on the web or using an 800#, and are given a choice of a variety of leading investment options.

Direct Deposit
All Payrolled Contractors are encouraged to take advantage of our direct deposit option. Direct deposit eliminates the possibility of US Mail delays and guarantees that payments will be posted on payday (Friday). Payrolled Contractors also have the option of splitting the amount to several accounts.

Financial & Tax Consulting
Payrolled Contractors are immediately eligible for one (1) free hour of financial and tax consulting with a number of Certified Financial Planners. Please contact TalentWave benefits administrator for more information.

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