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Marvell is subject to strict Federal and State guidelines which govern the hiring of Independent Contractors (ICs). Both individuals and small business entities may be considered ICs, depending on certain criteria. In order to streamline and expedite our process for engaging the services of ICs, we have partnered with TalentWave. TalentWave will assist us in conforming with government requirements for tax purposes, and in determining accurate classification of our ICs.

To accomplish this, TalentWave will maintain and support an online Contractor Classification Process, as well as managing payroll and benefits for contractors needing these services.

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Qualify Your Contractor

Classify your workers correctly to
minimize risk in the event of an audit.

Payroll Your Contractor

Meet all employment tax requirements
while fulfilling the needs of your valued contractors.

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Marvell's relationship with
Independent Contractors must pass the legal tests for IC status developed by
courts and government agencies.
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Sign up now and avoid the hassle of invoicing and making quarterly tax payments. Receive a regular paycheck and the option of full benefits.

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